The holidays can be a hectic time, especially in the US. For many businesses, this is when we run the risk of losing our momentum with any leads we’ve been nurturing.¬†For this reason, I recommend having a game plan for how you plan to approach the season, here are a few tips.


1. Don’t force it!

If it feels a little weird for you to wish your clients/followers a Happy _____, don’t! It will only really have the intended impact if it’s authentic for you. You may do better to send a general ‘Happy Autumn’ sort of email.

2. Offer Support

If you can offer some sort of tip, suggestion, fun fact etc it is far more likely to get engagement and been seen as value adding. This is true all the time, however during the holidays when it seems everyone is selling something, it can be super refreshing to get a genuine ‘hi, hope everything is okay, here’s something to make your world easier‘ type message with no strings or sales pitch attached.

3. Include Everyone

There are so many holidays celebrated by so many cultures between Oct 1st and Jan 15th. Consider who your clients/followers are and where they live. While you may celebrate Christmas, you may have many clients that honor Hanukkah, Kwanza or 3 Kings Day. Consider mentioning all of them in your holiday greeting as a way to make everyone feel acknowledged. However, don’t forget the first tip, don’t force it! If this feels awkward for you, skip it. Authenticity above all else.

4. Queue it Up

If you use a social media queuer (like HootSuite or Buffer) and/or email service (like MailChimp) you can invest a bit of time now to queue up all of your holiday acknowledgements so that you’re free to be present and make your own family preparations.

5. Make it Personal

Beyond the broad acknowledgement to all of your list/followers consider sending a personal email, text or even a card to your existing clients and perhaps those who you really want to become clients.

6. $5 Can go a long way

You’d be amazed what an impression a simple card with a $5 gift card can make. Enough said.

7. Plan Ahead

Depending on who your ideal client is, they will come out of their holiday fog anywhere from Jan 3rd to 15th. Make sure you have a plan for how you plan to exit your own fog and re-ignite any conversations that lulled. Depending on what you sell a New Year’s offer may be wise. Do your future self a favor and prepare for this in advance, it will make it so much easier and send you into the new year ahead of the curve. If you need more details on this, read on here.


Most importantly, do what you can now to set yourself up to be able to enjoy the holidays yourself. If you invest time now in preparing your business, when the actual holiday rolls around you’ll be able to relax, be present with your family and rest assured that all is well.

7 Tips to Prepping your Biz for the Holidays