noteethSunni is the spark behind Wildflower’s commitment. As a Business Catalyst, Intuitive Strategist and Founder of Wildflower, she sets the tone. Her name is very well suited to her disposition: People often say she is a firecracker and one smart cookie.

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Sunni has proven methods she’s willing to share with you, that are guaranteed to get you seeing your business’s future with clarity, experiencing ease in execution and finally realizing that momentum you knew was possible.

With over 17 years of progressive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Sunni has supported big names like Jim Beam Brands and The Walt Disney Company along with hundreds of Entrepreneurs, just like you. Drawing on her highly attuned intuition and extensive project management background, she comes up with concepts and realizes them through thoughtful planning and decisive action.

Sunni is an articulate and passionate speaker, a committed community advocate and a tireless champion for team success. Tenacious in an inspiring way, she isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said, but her dedication and passion soften the difficult words. Sunni exudes fun and action – and it’s contagious.

She holds several certifications including a Project Management Professional Certification. She made the decision to leave the corporate world in favor of pursuing her passion for building communities, founded Wildflower in 2014 and has never looked back. You can view her resume here.speakingleft

Some past benefactors of her expertise include:

  • Jim Beam Brands
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • SceneAlive
  • GotKarma
  • Insight, Inc
  • Western & Southern Life Insurance
  • Lyra Communications
  • AndyZandy Entertainment

Here is what some of her clients have to say.

One last thing! Sunni leads by example, she is always encouraging people to step out of survival mode and design a world they love. True to form, she has done that in her own life and business. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can design your life, head over here, and we’ll hook you up.