I’ve been in this interesting inquiry lately:

What does it mean to be an adult? 

It was initially sparked by this new word everyone is using adulting – the verb form of adult. I thought it was just something ‘kids these days’ are saying, but nope, it’s a legit thing for people of all ages.

As I’ve explored this idea I’m increasingly surprised to discover just how many people actively resist the idea of adulting. Like being an adult is something painful, scary and worthy of celebration the rare times it’s done successfully.

The widely accepted definition of an adult has to do with age, which, to me is bonkers. You can totally be a 65 year old and not be an adult and I know plenty of 15 year olds who display adult like behaviors.

It’s also possible to be an adult in your business and a child in your romantic life or an adult in your romantic life but a child when it comes to managing your own health

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Which naturally lead to an interesting new inquiry : What does it mean to be an adult in business?

In business we go through phases,

  • babies, trying to figure out what we even sell
  • toddlers, figuring out how to talk about what we sell
  • kids, exploring which sales and marketing tactics work for us
  • teenagers, testing limits, learning where we can take risks, how many clients we can handle
  • college is my favorite part, this is where we learn tough lessons and start thinking about hiring a team

So then, if adulthood is a thriving business that knows how to sell, it’s limits and is ready to hire a team….guess what? Once you hire that team you go back to feeling like a baby business again, as you reassess your tools, your marketing funnels and all the things.

This space is super uncomfortable for the business owner. You’re an adult damn it! You’ve done all the hard work, it should be time to relax! But alas, to keep growing you must start the cycle all over again. You may be an adult, but your processes, tools, systems and employees all need to be upgraded and reinvented to keep up with your growth.

This is where I come in. I love being the ‘other adult’ in your business. Helping to define and execute the growth strategy, holding space to brainstorm and offering expertise along the way.

If your business has been an adult and is stepping into a new phase where you feel like you might be starting all over again – Start Here. Take our 20 minute assessment and then spend 45 minutes with me to discover what it might feel like to have another adult in your business as you enter this new phase of growth.


Adulting in Business