Having spent many years as corporate Project Manager I am the queen of planning. Living a nomadic lifestyle this skill is critical and often used, especially since most of my business growth and new clients come from networking as I travel.

Going into the new year I had my life and business well planned out.

I planned to be based out of Orlando (my hometown) through the holidays, mid-November until the end of the year, that was the plan. I had lots of processes and automation I wanted to work on in my business and with most people focused on family time and holidays this would be the perfect time to focus internally. I’d plan to be back on the road in mid-January, perhaps hosting another retreat in the North Carolina area in the spring. Great plan, right?

Then, something happened.

My Mom-in-Love went to the hospital due to severe chest pain. There wasn’t an obvious cause so we settled in prepared for days of testing. The pain meds they had her on left her groggy which meant she couldn’t be relied on to communicate/process information from the hospital staff so a family member needed to be there most of the time. I put myself in the rotation and did my daily shift, picked up food, reminded people to sleep, shower…you know the routine. Twenty-four days and 1 open heart surgery later, at the end of January, she was discharged. My Partner went back to work, and since I hadn’t gotten my ducks in a row yet, I stayed in town checking in on the Mom-in-Love regularly while I began to plan to get back on the road.

Then, something happened.

I went to the specialist about some ongoing health issues I’ve had and was informed I needed my Gallbladder removed ASAP. ¬†I got on the schedule to have laparoscopic surgery in late March, thinking I’d be good as new by early April. The surgery went well and as I recovered I began to get excited about a European vacation my family had planned for the end of April and thinking that I’d tack some additional travel on to that trip so I could get back on the road and back to growing my business.

Then (are you noticing a pattern here?), something happened.

My Sister-in-Love, who’s been struggling with two different forms of rare cancer on her spine, was scheduled to have surgery a week before we were scheduled to leave for Europe. While the surgery initially seemed to be successful, a couple of days later there were complications and she passed on. The family vacation was suddenly not a priority and the next month was a blur of funeral arrangements, family and emotions.

I found myself into the month of May, with none of my original business plans acted out and really feeling like I’d lost my momentum. And, well, just lost when it came to business. I’m not going to lie, there were some moments of real frustration. I’m a traveler! I belong on the road!

Yet. I’m clear on my priorities:

  1. Me
  2. Family
  3. Joy/Freedom (aka Travel)
  4. Business/Money

Supporting my family and taking care of my own health comes first.


It’s funny, last year this time I was faced with a situation where having clear priorities helped. Last year I was considering a return to full time corporate work to support the house I owned, but when I looked at my priorities it made more sense to sell the house and continue nomading. I’m so glad I did.

Similarly, this year, while it was frustrating at times, I’m so glad I stayed in town. Being there allowed some amazing growth and evolution in my relationship with Partner and family. I also learned some new things about myself, my level of patience and my integrity to myself. I was able to complete my Reiki Master training¬†which has opened up a whole new path in my Spiritual evolution. I’ve given dozens of distance healings and realized it’s something I really enjoy and has added another layer to the services I offer. I also had time to establish some healthy habits with a personal trainer, and deepen some friendships.

Moral of the story:

Plans are great.

It’s just as important to have clarity on your priorities so you know when to ignore the plans and go with the flow. If you’re missing clarity on your own priorities, consider my Life Assessment which includes a questionnaire and an hour with me all designed to extract what your priorities are and what actions you can take to ensure you live aligned to them.


Agility in your Plans