Time = $Time is money (sometimes), I’m always looking for ways to streamline and save time.

In August I hosted an event called Mission Possible where I interviewed 15 experts in creating scalable biz growth. One of those experts was Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer and he offered a simple tip that I took on. Textexpanders. Here is how I applied this particular concept in my day to day.

Let me just apologize now to the nonApple centric people, I have a mac and an iPhone 6+ so all of my tips on this subject are Apple specific.

I did soshortcutsme research and Wes’s suggestions of aText was supported by many others and at $5 the price is right for sure. I also easily found the textexpander on my iPhone under Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and now have about a dozen created.

I actually started with more, but it’s almost like creating a secret language for myself and I can only learn a handful of phrases at a time, so I started with 5 and added more once I had those down.

Another tip for you, make sure your shortcut is not an actual word. I started making ‘me’ the shortcut for my email, but then anytime I actually wanted to use the word me it would try to autofill my email address – very annoying 🙂 so now I use ‘wem’ as you can see below.autofill

On my phone I started with my email address, frequently used #’s and long, nonsensical urls. But with aText on my computer I started with longer things, like my bio, the summary of what I do and my mailing address.

The next thing I will automate are entire emails. There are topics that I frequently email about but that are too personalized to go through my mass email or email sequencing software. I have a ‘template’ that I keep saved as a draft, then when I need that template I can easily find it, copy, paste and tweak rather than reinvent the wheel each time. For example I have a prewritten ‘nice to meet you’ email in my drafts right now that I just copy and personalize after a networking event, I’m going to get those into aText next.

Hopefully this will inspire you to carve out an hour on your own calendar to look at how you can automate a bit of your day to day to help streamline, save time and keep you focused. As always, let me know if I can support you in your journey.

My “secret” to streamline