Actions speak louder than words, so do results.

Most businesses experience a 30% increase in their revenue within the first year of working with us.

Here is what our current and past clients have to say about their experience working with Sunni.

In a recent session with Sunni, I brainstormed about 10 goals I viewed as critical to my success. That’s a lot of goals and I was feeling pressured and overwhelmed. In just a few minutes of keenly guided questioning Sunni helped me to see that each of those goals was actually a task. She then guided me to identify and define the big goals that would be reached once the tasks were complete.

In an instant, I was able to see tasks that could be completed easily and would support me in reaching the goals that will move my business forward. I saw that by structuring and strategizing these tasks I will be able to reach my goals with greater ease and focus. I went from pressured and overwhelmed to clear and empowered in a matter of minutes.

Working with Sunni is like tapping into a non-judgemental, kind, yet unfailingly honest and insightful human super brain. I highly recommend her!

Toni Crabtree | Crabtree Healthy Living | Orlando, FL



I’ve had thoughts that Sunni was able to finish in ways my brain can’t. It’s impressive and expansive.

Bernadette Smith | The Equality Institute | Chicago, IL



When Sunni arrived I was faced with a life decision and feeling a bit overwhelmed with my project. After our time together I have clarity and confidence in my life decision and I’m in action with a plan to grow my project.

As an added bonus Sunni had a powerful conversation with my partner that has him really owning his magnificence in a new way. She was able to get him to listen and really process a conversation that others haven’t been able to get through on before.

Andrea Parrish | Muse Topics | Spokane, WA

ShelleyWorking with Sunni offered a fresh new perspective that felt safe and was super helpful. When we sat down to talk business Sunni deftly navigated us to my personal life and boldly, but oh so gently, helped me to see the connection and how working on my personal life could breed clarity and freedom in my business.

Before working with Sunni I allowed my Monkey Mind to rule my world, scattering my time and efforts while feeling guilty for spreading myself too thin. After a couple of sessions together I’m proud to say that I’m under new management, the Monkey Mind no longer runs the show – most of the time.

Shelley Delayne | Orange CoWorking | Austin, TX


Before working with Sunni I felt generally overwhelmed, disenchanted and frustrated. I knew that I had a purpose and that I wasn’t feeling motivated to do anything to further that purpose.

After working with Sunni I once again have direction in my life and my business, I’m excited and on purpose (in both senses of the phrase) in my life thanks to the clarity I gained through Sunni. I now have a clear plan (that’s working) to get my book written which feels amazing.

Nic Strack | Blogger & Photographer | Berkeley, CA



I love working with Sunni on my business because she ignites me. Her way of looking at me and my business assumes that I’m capable of such amazing things, such growth, that it inspires me to see it as possible as well. She lights a fire inside me that has me get into action.

Molly MacCartney | Empowered Wisdom School | Orlando, FL

andrewIn the past three months my business has grown at a rate I never could have predicted. Working with Sunni during this time has helped me develop a more deliberate, structured approach to thinking about growing my business. As a performer it’s easy to think of myself as an individual, a sole entity. Sunni pushed me to think on a bigger scale and expand my thoughts on what is possible and just how far I can scale while providing a grounding in reality and focus on the long term game.

Andrew Pulkrabek | AndyZandy Parties | Oakland, CA


Sunni came along when I didn’t know how to make realistic goals for my business and was wondering if I even had what it took to run a business! She asks great questions and really listens to the answers. In two hours, she had me feeling competent and supported. Now, I have three very actionable next steps for my next three months.

Samantha Fagan | Design It Please | Austin, TX



Sunni is direct in the most nurturing of ways. She speaks her truth and creates a safe space for others to do the same.

It takes an exceptional being to be forthright, supportive, tactful and entertaining—Sunni is definitely that person. Prepare for growth.

Laura Diaz | SheOms | Winter Park, FL



Sunni really listens to her clients’ needs and has the ability to laser in on where they are stuck very quickly, allowing them to step into action to produce their desired results.

Stephanie Veraghen | Team Awesome | Orlando, FL


paulaI was overwhelmed about launching a new project in my business. Everything seemed so easy when Sunni walked me through her WILD process. Once all of the pieces were laid out in a plan that made sense, I could easily focus on what needed to be done to produce real results for myself.

Paula Liscio | Vocal Coach | NYC, NY

peterGrowing and running a business is a lot of work, for the 7 years I worked 14+ hours a day chasing the entrepreneurial dream. Over time, even though my team grew, my workload never seemed to slow.

Ready for something different, something better, I partnered with Wildflower to train me, develop my staff, help us provide a better service to our clients in a more efficient way, I need it to be easier.

After only 3 months of work my communication is better, my team is more productive and what used to be overwhelming is now manageable. Our clients are loving the improved workflow and my sleep quality has even increased.

Peter Lombard | Insouciance Abroad | Freeport, ME

daisyWhen I first started ‘What’s My Kid Listening To?’ I knew I had an idea worth pursuing but how to do that was overwhelming.  I felt like I had tons of ideas but no idea where to start! After speaking with Sunni I felt inspired, like I can do this, and knew what to do next rather than feeling lost. She asked me questions about my business that I hadn’t even considered. She helped me focus on baby steps so I could make progress; she also helped me think about the big picture differently and left me inspired about how big this could really grow to if I’m willing to do the work. Sunni had a way of making everything seem so easy.

Daisy Reyes | | Orlando, FL

joyceSunni will bring you to a whole new perspective on your business.  Not only is she organized, articulate, and knowledgeable, but her delivery is right on point.  If you are looking for someone to help elevate your business and inspire you to meet your goals, Sunni is all that and more.

Joyce Brown | The Sales Savvy CEO | Ocala, FL