Do you feel like, while you consistently meet your goals, it’s still just not enough?

You are not alone!

We live in a culture where productivity is practically a god, which leads to a constant state of doing, planning and trying. The challenge is that we’re so busy being, well, busy, that we lose touch with the underlying intention. Why are you hustling? To what end? What is the intention driving the goal?

Intention determines the impact of your actions.

Setting goals and resolutions are awesome ways to motivate yourself to take action. However, without taking time to get clear on the intention behind the action, you’re missing an opportunity to be the most impactful version of yourself. With more than 15 years of experience as a Project Manager and Strategist, I’m masterful at taking a very ethereal concept and making it actionable.


Springtime is full of births, new life, ideas blooming. We’re going to take advantage of this natural new life energy to support us in the Journey to slow down, reunite with your Soul and craft your intention for the coming year. Are you ready?


I’ve set an annual intention for years and have guided many others through the process. Here are the benefits you can expect to experience once you set your own Intention:

  • Clarity about your decisions
  • Confidence in the effectiveness of your goals
  • An ease to making seemingly difficult choices
  • Feeling aligned with your purpose
  • A sense of peace about what you’re doing with your life
  • Your world will expand in ways you can’t even conceive of
  • A deepened connection to your Soul/Higher Self/Spirit and God/Universe/Spirit
  • A sense of magic, adventure, and mystery in your life


Now, be careful what you ask for. This is an incredibly powerful process. When you take this on, you will begin to evolve with velocity!

You are powerful and capable of amazing things. If you’re ready to get very practical about stepping into your power, click below to Join the Journey.


This Journey will require a two-fold investment.

The financial investment is $67.50*, that’s just a dollar and a half per day. In exchange for this you will get:

  • 3 virtual workshops
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A sessions
  • 3 emails per week containing clear instructions, exercises, and guidance
  • Access to a small, private and safe community for support as you go
  • Access to Sunni as needed via email and the community forum

The time investment from you will be a minimum of 15 minutes per day (or 2ish hours per week) for the 45 days. Keep in mind that includes lots of weekends and maybe even some holidays. In exchange for investing this time in yourself you will:

  • Discover a deeper, clearer connection to your Soul(/God/Spirit/Universe/Divine)
  • Uncover your Soul’s intention for the coming year
  • Go forward with a new sense of clarity and peace
  • Learn how to integrate that intention over the coming months

There are dozens of self-development courses and hundreds of books on the topic, this Journey will give you specific, practical ways to apply your self-development and to integrate it into your daily life. You will do this through establishing new habits and building new mental, emotional and spiritual muscles, which will take time and a real commitment from you.

To get the most out of this journey you need to be prepared to, no-kidding-for-real-will-talk-to-your-family-about-how-important-this-is-100%-are-committed-and-will-carve-out-the-time-for-yourself.

I’ve already guided a group through this journey and it was transformational for us all. The biggest piece of feedback I got was how powerful it was to consistently invest time focused inward on your own journey.


We’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you want your world to change you will have to take new actions. If you’re ready to stop living a small and safe life, if you are ready to take a risk, if you’re tired of wondering when life will click into place, join me for the 45 Day Journey and craft your intention. Invest the time in yourself and learn what it feels like to create a life that is aligned and on purpose.


The Journey is designed to be in alignment with the first day of spring. The deadline for sign up is Monday, November 26, 2018 and the Journey will officially begin on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Several groups have completed this Journey already. Here are just a few of the results they reported having produced less than two months after completing the program:

  • Designed a whole new business model and left my job.
  • We welcomed an exchange student into our family.
  • I have finally connected my work to the rest of my life, it no longer feels like separate things, they’re all one, all my life, a life that I love.
  • Scheduled and went on first my true vacation in years, guilt-free.
  • Real momentum for the first time in a project that’s been ongoing for 5+ years.
  • True connection to the bigger picture and design for my life – reconnection with my Purpose
  • I have developed a fluid, flexible structure for my life that has helped me discover time to eat healthy, date and expand my business.

And this is all within weeks of Crafting their Intention. I can’t wait to see what happens in their lives after months, or even a year.

What will you be creating in your life in the coming months?

The Crafting Intention Journey registration deadline is November 26th, join us and find out.


Want a taste of my teaching style and more info on why I’m so passionate about this process? Take a looksie:


*Note. If you desperately want to participate in this Journey and finances are what’s stopping you, let me know. We can chat, see if this is a good fit for you and see if there’s a way for us to barter, or if you’re perhaps a candidate for the limited number of scholarships available.