Are you a disruptor?

In my experience most entrepreneurs are disruptors. That’s part of why you started your own business, you saw something that could be done better, or differently, or for the first time, and cared enough to make it a reality. You care enough to be willing to be the one to disrupt the status quo.

Yet, even with that disruptor mentality at your heart, it’s still really easy to go into ‘ant mode’. This clip from Waking Life* is the best description of what I’m talking about, I’ll let it explain.

I am consistently looking for where I’ve allowed myself to go into ‘ant mode’. Where am I just going through the motions without experiencing life to the fullest? Said another way, where have I slipped into Survival Mode? Because I don’t want to merely survive my life, I want to experience it fully! I strive to live and operate in AntiSurvival Mode.

The same thing can be said about business, I don’t know about you, but often times it would be far easier to go work for someone else. I don’t run my own business because it’s easier, I do it because it’s more fulfilling. If I slip into ‘ant-mode’ I can easily look right past those little moments and celebrations that make it all worthwhile. I can ant-march right past a client’s success that I contributed to or miss an opportunity to collaborate with a peer all because I’m ant-marching on to my next task.

Operating in ant-mode can also lead to accidentally creating limitations for yourself.

What a great visual, right?

I challenge you, take 5 minutes and look at your business and check in. Where have you put yourself into a box (or circle)?

Where have you gone into ant-mode, failing to be fully present? Even juicier, where are you staying within limits that are made up, like the ant above? Where has an imaginary line been drawn that you’re honoring and now has you feel trapped?

If you want an outside perspective to help you identify where you’re in ant-mode, I’d be happy to help. Sign up for the Entrepreneur Strategy Assessment that is designed to do just that – get you out of ant-mode and thinking strategically. It involves a 20-minute online questionnaire followed by a full hour with me to get customized feedback, recommendations, and support. Let’s get you out of ant-mode ASAP.

Don’t be an Ant