Freelance word collage I went to an event coordinated by Sam Fagan and hosted by the Austin Freelancers Union. It was a business hacking event where they had a panel of experts available to answer questions. Naturally I had questions 🙂 and had two key take aways.

1. The difference between Freelancer and Entrepreneur
I had never really thought of ‘freelancer’ as being a specific title or designation, I honestly thought of it as synonymous with entrepreneur. Of course this is not a new question to ponder as you can see here.  After hearing the panel speak and the types of questions asked I now Freelancers as a sub community within the entrepreneurial world (even though not all freelancers identify as entrepreneurs). From the Sunni Perspective the primary difference is that freelancers have the goal of remaining a one person enterprise and aren’t targeting scalable growth; rather their growth comes from attracting higher paying clients by producing high quality/visibility work over time.  I point it out because if you’re like me and haven’t taken the time to consider it, this distinction could be interesting for you to know. Freelancers may be a specific sub community worth targeting for you whether it’s to hire them or to support them.

2. Networking and Relationship Building generate leads
When I asked their panel of freelancing experts ‘how do you consistently get successful leads’ the overwhelming response was ‘networking’ and relationship building (aka follow up). Scott True summed it up well ‘people hire people they know, the best way to get business is to be known.‘ I’ve really seen this proven true in Wildflower over the past 6 months; showing up and investing time into relationships is absolutely the biggest contributor to lead generation for me. If you’re not sure where to start with networking or follow up, definitely schedule a quick chat with me and I can get your brain juices flowing and help you gain some clarity on a strategy.


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