Time and work flow management are to things that a lot of entrepreneurs haven’t built up the muscle to deal with. Lucky for you these are two areas I not only have loads of experience in, I’ve actually taught classes on both. Here are some of the simple strategies I employ to stay uber productive:

  • Have a calendar and honor it.

Sounds really simple and maybe even silly. Make sure you have a single view into all of your time commitments (personal and business) and that you actually honor what is in your calendar.

  • Schedule Mission Critical tasks first.

I define Mission Critical as anything that will (A) make or cost me money or (B) could significantly impact my credibility or positioning. If it’s Mission Critical it goes on my calendar, even if it’s only a 15 minute block. And those items are non-negotiable, they either get done or rescheduled.

  • Allocate time for your To-Do List.

I put simple, nonmission critical tasks on a to-do list. Then, twice a week, I have blocks scheduled to knock out my to-do list. If something is mission critical it get’s it’s own entry in my calendar. For example, on my to-do list are things like ‘find Eric’s number for Anne’ and ‘research Million Cups’, but things like ‘write newsletter’ and ‘sales calls’ have an actual entry in my calendar.

  • Create Laser Focused Time.

I did this when I went to the park in Cincinnati. I know that my attention span is 42 minutes, after that my mind starts to wander. So I create a distraction free zone and laser focus for 42 minutes. Then I take a break. I find this especially helpful for tasks that require me to generate content or activities I’m likely to avoid (like accounting).

  • Get really clear on what constitutes a fire for you.

I’m so passionate about this one I have a whole article on just this. If something ‘pops’ up and doesn’t meet my criteria for a fire then it either goes on the to-do list or on my calendar for a later date/time.

I have many more tips and strategies where this came from. You’re welcome to schedule time with me if you’re struggling with something in particular or, join my mailing list to be sure and know when my next Productivity Webinar is.


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