For some tangible services referrals come naturally, say a lawn service or a wedding planner, but for more abstract services say, a professional organizer or a Business Strategist 😉 it’s not always front of mind for folks to send potential clients your way. I think often times we just don’t know how to go about asking for referrals or even facilitating the connections.

I have no problem leading by example.

So, I’m going to describe for you the ideal person to refer to me, how to connect us etc. Then, you go through your contacts, see if there are any introductions to be made and make them. Finally, send me an email with your ideal referral info and I’ll see if I can’t return the favor.

My ideal client:

(Remember, before you read this, I am describing my absolute perfect client, I work with a huge variety of people, many of which aren’t even close to this description. Don’t allow this to eliminate people, it’s meant to help get you thinking.)

The perfect person to refer to me has had their business for about 3 years, has paying clients, but it’s not their primary income source. They are hard working and really want to make an impact with their business. They’re in their early 40’s and read things like the 4hr Work Week, look up to people like Tony Robbins and Brene’ Brown and binge watch Shark Tank. They value their spirituality and it’s part of their identity. They know their business has potential and they’d like to grow it so that it pays their bills, but they don’t know where to start. They probably talk about how they wish they could just focus on their clients, but can’t because they need to learn about marketing and business and social media etc. They’re likely feeling overwhelmed and asking lots of people for their thoughts and advice about business. 

What I offer:

(This isn’t for sharing rather for your knowledge, I’ll describe my offers for any potential clients. But I know it can be helpful to understand this when facilitating a referral.)

I always start new clients off with my Assessment which will have them start thinking strategically about their future and give me a peek into their world. Then we spend an hour reviewing and looking at where they have potential gaps. I only work with people when it’s a hell yes for us both and if, after the assessment, I realize I’m not the perfect resource for them I will suggest other resources or refer them to a peer. If we’re both ready to play together I offer a half day intensive to review their business (and life) and create a long-term vision, strategy and plan for execution from there we design a long-term agreement that adds value and works for us both.

If we do work together I always have my clients create an intention for the coming year, but we hone in on goals and an action plan for a 3-month sprint. I have 6 month mentoring agreements, though I’m always open to creating a custom plan since there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Sample Referral Letter:

(This is just to give you a starting point, you should say whatever feels true and authentic to you. You definitely don’t have to use this.)

Hi *NAME*,

I know you’ve been talking about focusing on your business. I’ve connected with a Business Strategist (her name is Sunni) who may be a great resource to help you figure out where to start and get a plan in place.

The thing I love about how Sunni works is that she always asks great questions and helps people find out of the box answers. She doesn’t do many of those ‘one size fits all’ type solutions.

Check out her calendar and get something scheduled to see if she might be able to help you get into action. I know she’s a worthwhile investment for sure.

You can contact her directly ( or go ahead and schedule 15 minutes to talk with her, she gave me a link to her calendar, see if she can help you out! (

Let me know when you end up connecting with her and how it goes for you.

Best of luck,


Again, please send me similar information for your business and I’ll go through my contacts to see if I can send any referrals your way.


Referral Awkwardness be Gone