Wildflower acts as a catalyst to bring clarity, ease and momentum to your business or organization.

Catalyst n.
1 : a person or thing that precipitates an event or change
2 : a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes another to be more friendly, enthusiastic or energetic.

WebIcons-lg-05If you are too overwhelmed to even think about where to start, take a deep breath. It’s okay. We have just the answer for you.

Start here.

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, that’s great too – read on.


Together we’ll define your vision and how to execute that vision without being overwhelmed. After our collaboration the next steps will be obvious and attainable, bringing you clarity. We offer this in a few ways:

  • Half or full-day working sessions where we collaborate to create your Clarity Map
  • 6-9 month 1:1 program for support in executing and updating your Clarity Map

Before we get too far though, let’s make sure we’re a fit to work together. Start by scheduling your Entrepreneur Assessment, is just a $20 investment and will get you thinking strategically about your business. The best part? It comes with a full hour of Sunni’s time to hear her recommendations on how you can begin defining the most efficient path possible to Clarity in your business.


When a business enters a growth cycle it can become overwhelming fast. At this stage leadership and strategy are essential, the key is to be proactive and control your growth. We can guide you on implementing operational processes, generating teamwork, delegation, clear communication and more, all to help you experience ease as you grow.

  • Starts with half or full-day working sessions to discover where you need Ease
  • 6-9 month 1:1 program for support in implementing Ease in your world

In this stage too, we want to make sure it’s the perfect fit for us to work together. Start testing the waters by taking your Business Assessment to get you thinking strategically about your growth. Once you schedule you’ll be sent a link to a questionnaire that will take you about 25 minutes, is a $40 investment and comes with a full hour of Sunni’s time to gain her perspective and recommendations on your business.


Armed with a clear vision and the ease that comes with teamwork, you’re now ready to keep up the momentum, really connect with your community and have an impact on the world. We work with our clients to make this happen and make it sustainable and scalable. Sunni will dig into the details of your organization, what makes it tick and where you want it to go together you’ll define and execute a long-term agile strategy.

  • This is a highly customized adventure that we would create together.

Contact us to build momentum.

PS – Life is important too!

While we focus on business strategy, Sunni does open up spots for a few Life Strategy clients as well. Just like in business, in life it’s also easy to find yourself in full on survival mode, playing firefighter to deal with problems rather than creating a world you love. Sunni is highly intuitive and integrates her spirituality with her strategic background to support people in proactively approaching their life. If this sounds appealing to you, start by scheduling your Life Assessment, it’s just $10, takes about 15 minutes and includes 45 minutes with Sunni to hear her intuitive perspective and guidance as well as receive recommendations.

Interested in knowing more about Sunni’s intuitive offerings? Here’s the list.