I play this game with myself. The Yes Game.

I have a few things in my life and biz that are solid, clear strategies and goals that I’ve defined for myself. When presented with an opportunity I do a quick check in….does the opportunity hinder my strategy in any way? If not then I say Yes to the opportunity. It’s that simple. I say Yes and then figure out the how later.

This not only impacts my actions and thoughts but language as well, I’ve virtually eliminated the word ‘but’ from my vocabulary and replaced it with ‘and’ which often becomes ‘yes, and’. And 🙂 it’s noticeable. I got this in a text from a client recently

I’ve adapted ‘yes…and’ into my way of communicating. You have been such a perfect and beautiful example of how that game is supposed to work and I noticed the way it made me feel the first couple of times you used it around me and encouraged me to do the same. I started incorporating it into my automatic way of thinking. Thank you very much for that nugget. It has made a huge difference not only in my way of talking to other people, but also in the way I treat myself.

The Yes Game has lead me to say Yes to experiences where I’ve been able to make some amazing new friends, to travel around the world, to have a growing business and allowed me to inspire others along the way.

IMG_6035Last month I went to Camp GLP. I signed up for it months ago. I stumbled across it a bit randomly and signed up purely because of the Yes Game. I shared what I got out of it here.

When I signed up there were a few other people that I felt would benefit from going and also playing the Yes Game. So I made a few calls. Amanda was one of those calls and she played the Yes Game full out.

She shared her journey with me at the end of Camp, talk about perseverance! Watch our video interview here and learn how you can play the Yes Game too!

The Yes Game in action