Allowing someone to guide you in setting a strategy for your business, that requires a lot of trust.

Sure, I can show you my resume, or you can read about me over here, but you’re likely going to need a bit more than that to be willing to let me see under the hood of your business.

Here is the juicy stuff.

The Early Years

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My love affair with organization, technology, and planning apparently began at a young age, I’m told I invented a pretend game of ‘office’, as seen in this photo.

Born in 1982, I remember dial up internet, DOS prompts and learned to hand-code in html before CSS was a thing. That’s a Commodore 64 I’m playing with.

I spent a lot of time playing outdoors, making tree forts, riding bikes, you know, kid stuff.

I was homeschooled. My mom was amazing at it, often making up games to make learning fun and instilling a deeply rooted curiosity in me.

The Corporate Years

326061211_6aeb4779e1_oThe story of how I wound up with a career in IT is a long one full of serendipitous moments. The short version: I had a series of great bosses, worked really hard and said ‘yes’ to new roles, challenges and positions a lot.

Somehow, I also found time to create and run a tech support company, The PCoach, which trained people on how to use technology pre-smart-phones.

I spent 6 years working as a traveling consultant directing the IT Strategy of clients from a wide variety of industries from a plastic water bottle factory to life insurance to pharmaceuticals manufacturing. It was fascinating and really broadened my business acumen.

While working in leadership for The Walt Disney Company I found myself in a unique position of being laid off with the assumption that I would be filling another roll in the company. I shocked everyone, myself included, when I did the math then took the severance and, for all intents and purposes, retired. At 32 years old.

The Wildflower Years

Within months of leaving Corporate life in 2014, I realized I couldn’t help but look at the world strategically, I simply couldn’t turn it off. So I started Wildflower and dove head first into the Entrepreneur community,

I also began participating in self-development programs and focusing on my spirituality and health. Among other things, I completed and then coached several development programs, earned my Reiki Master Certification and became an ordained Dudeist Priest.

I design my life and business to allow a great deal of travel because I love the adventure of it and the ability to constantly experience new things and meet new people.

Since starting Wildflower I have worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs to help them get into action, gain clarity, ease and momentum and experience massive results in their businesses.

Check out the Client Love page for examples of what folks say about working with Wildflower.


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