A list of podcasts, shows and public speaking appearances featuring Sunni!

The Brave Files Podcast

with Heather Vickery

Energy : What You Carry With You At All Times

Heather, author of the best selling book F*ck Fearless : Making the Brave Leap, interviews people to share with you stories of people who are living courageously. In this episode I spoke with Heather about my days as a nomad, bartering for a living and raising an ungendered child.

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One Word Conversations Show

with William Brown

Are You Adulting?

As a Self Awareness Coach, Speaker, and Author William is committed to helping people shatter the boxes that society has placed them in. I was on his show, One Word Conversations, where we discussed the word “adult” and all the beliefs people hold and meaning we place on the concept.

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Inside Knowledge Podcast

with Lyn Henderson

Building Resilience

Lyn went on a mission to explore the wild variety of definitions and lived experiences humans had around resilience. In this episode I shared how resilience has colored my life. We discussed homeschooling, nomading, mental health and more.


PM Insights Podcast

with Karen Cherrett

Stop Being a Project Manager All The Time

Karen is a seasoned Project Manager and uses her podcast to offer ongoing education on the topic. During our episode we explored the common habit many PMs have of trying to project manage their personal lives, and how impactful this can be.

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