A list of publications, podcasts, shows and public speaking appearances featuring Sunni!

Sass Says

with Christie Rocha

Codify Support Through a Depressive Episode

Christie is a mental health obsessed podcast host. In this episode she speaks with Sunni about an article she wrote on what her depression feels like and the checklists and support system Sunni created to self-manage depressive episodes. Sunni shares how her years as a nomad prepared her for motherhood, the importance of self-awareness, and how everyday tasks around the house can be meditative. 

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This is My Truth

with Jessi Shuraleff

There are Always more Options

Jessi speaks to Sunni about her journey of leaving corporate to pursue finding alignment but more than that, they dive into Sunni’s journey of creating connections with people with extreme viewpoints – what lead her to this project, what she learned and what she’s taken away from it. 

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Go Solo Spotlight

Design Your Own World

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Sunni VonMutius, Owner of Wildflower Strategy, located in Orlando, FL, USA.


Big Design Energy

with Marisa Nicole

Approaching Life with a Different Lens

In this episode, Marisa sits down with Sunni, a woman of many talents (pursuing ordination as a Minister, a biz consultant, NLP, nomad, and more!…) share about her journey to here “now”. Sunni shares beautiful reminders, like the winners are the ones who write the history books and Jesus was a rebel. 

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Coaching & Conversations

with TaVona Denise

Negotiating Depression and Business

Listen in as host, TaVona, chats with real coaches about what it’s really like to be a woman building an online business. In this episode TaVona and Sunni get real about their experience with various forms of depression and how they manage to deal with it while running our businesses. 

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Conscious Mamas Movement Podcast

with Kate Smith

Seasonal Alignment Through Ancient Traditions

Join host Kate Smith for conversations with caregivers on how to raise kind, resilient humans in the modern world. Teaching kids healthy skills starts with modeling them. She combines holistic health with social and emotional literacy to help you do the inner healing work.

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International Spring Equinox Summit

with Fed Podeschi

Seasonal Alignment Through Ancient Traditions

The planet provides a very clear blueprint for how we can plan and live our lives in harmony with the earth, nature and the naturally occurring seasons around us. In this short workshop Sunni provides an overview of each season’s qualities, energy, activities that are most supported and rituals to help you connect more deeply to the planet.


War Stories from the Womb Podcast

with Paulette Kamenecka

Ditch the Birth Plan, Plan for the 4th Trimester

Paulette has created a space where we can listen to women describe, in their own words, the mountains they’ve climbed to bring children into the world. Many of these stories are unbelievable in their physical and emotional demands and highlight the courage and grit these women possess. In this episode I shared how the benefits from my background in project management and intuitive abilities combined, allowing me to plan well for the first 3 months of my child’s life.

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The Brave Files Podcast

with Heather Vickery

Energy : What You Carry With You At All Times

Heather, author of the best selling book F*ck Fearless : Making the Brave Leap, interviews people to share with you stories of people who are living courageously. In this episode I spoke with Heather about my days as a nomad, bartering for a living and raising an ungendered child.

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One Word Conversations Show

with William Brown

Are You Adulting?

As a Self Awareness Coach, Speaker, and Author William is committed to helping people shatter the boxes that society has placed them in. I was on his show, One Word Conversations, where we discussed the word “adult” and all the beliefs people hold and meaning we place on the concept.

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Inside Knowledge Podcast

with Lyn Henderson

Building Resilience

Lyn went on a mission to explore the wild variety of definitions and lived experiences humans had around resilience. In this episode I shared how resilience has colored my life. We discussed homeschooling, nomading, mental health and more.


PM Insights Podcast

with Karen Cherrett

Stop Being a Project Manager All The Time

Karen is a seasoned Project Manager and uses her podcast to offer ongoing education on the topic. During our episode we explored the common habit many PMs have of trying to project manage their personal lives, and how impactful this can be.

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Living Sexy

Radio Show

Holding Space for Taboo Talk

Jack, Tric, Chase, Gspot and Keith host this sexy talk show, five nights a week, exploring all varieties of lifestyles. Sunni, host of talk show Taboo Talk, joined the team to explore the categories within the world of sexuality, their value, limitations and more.

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