As an Intuitive Strategist, Sunni visualizes results for your life, and partners with you in realizing them through thoughtful planning and gentle yet decisive action.

Most people begin playing with Sunni 1:1 as their mentor when they find their life or circumstances shifting – relationships morphing, loss of loved ones, career shifts, relationship changes, kids leaving the nest, spiritual awakening, etc – Sunni is masterful at holding space and helping people find a path forward through life.

Nothing you’re dealing with is too much, too little, too weird or too boring for this space.

While many people start with one of the Online Classes, if you’re ready to dive into a 1:1 relationship with her, below are the various types of sessions you can book at your convenience. It is recommended that you begin with a Life Assessment, though you are welcome and encouraged to curate your own path forward – starting now!