Sunni supports people in strategically designing their lives and their business.

Our success stories reflect it all.

After working with Sunni for a year I feel as if I’ve met myself for the first time, and at the same time rediscovered a part of myself that was missing. I’m forever grateful for her support.
Daisy | Kissimmee, FL | Engineer, age 33

Sunni has a gifted mind for understanding the processes and operations of a business. It doesn’t take her long to understand where her clients are, catch the vision for where they want to go, and outline the steps needed to get there as quickly, efficiently, and powerfully as possible. She’s smart, fun, kind and a pleasure to work with. She always has her clients best interest at heart. Her love for people shines through in her work.
Nate | Salt Lake City, UT | Business Owner & Podcaster, age 32

Sunni is the most self-actualized person that I know. Somehow she allows other people to become self-actualized as well.
Emily | Orlando, FL | DJ, age 39

I love working with Sunni because her way of looking at me assumes that I’m capable of such amazing things, such growth, that it inspires me to see it as possible as well. She ignites a fire inside me that has me get into action in my business.
Orlando, FL | Spiritual Mentor, age 39

Sunni is a wonderful person. She exemplifies love, strength and awareness with a rare consistency. She always provides space for me to find the thoughts and words I need to motivate myself into action. I have watched her transform people’s lives with a single interaction.
Amanda | Tampa, FL | Baker, age 26

Sunni one of those rare individuals that is able to plan for the big picture while at the same time seeing all the details of each step and then executing them! One of the most organized people I’ve ever been around, she’s hard working, intelligent, caring and an excellent communicator. I cannot recommend Sunni highly enough, she’s absolutely amazing and will truly revolutionize your business (and life).
Chase Bossart | Executive Director | age 50

Sunni is the perfect blend of spirituality and practicality. I’ve been told for years that I need to slow down and Be more and Do less. Through my work with Sunni I finally not only get it, but I’m also learning how to apply it in a very strategic practical way to my real life and my business planning.
Andrew | SanFransisco, CA | CEO, age 33

I got more value and transformation out of 2 hours with Sunni than I did from 3 years of psychotherapy. 
Rick | Denver, CO | Sales Rep, age 65

Simply put, Sunni caused me to truly get that I am the Source of my Power.
Denver, CO | Teacher, age 42

The Universe gifted me with Sunni at exactly the point in my life I needed her guidance. I wasn’t even looking for a mentor and yet she helped me to see that I was living in fear and avoiding my own power. Since our work together I have been in action with a renewed sense of purpose.
April | Denver, CO | Hair Stylist, age 44

Sunni is a unique person with the skills to break down big projects into little chucks. She worked with me to solve management issues within my business. She was consistent and followed through with her words when it came to checking up on me and making sure that I was accountable for my actions. I recommend her highly.
Eric | Savannah, GA | Marketing Director, age 29

Sunni’s energetic impact on our home was awesome her presence amped up the awareness and playfulness in our space.
Berkeley, CA | Photographer, age 27

Sunni has a rare gift that enables her to lovingly, yet quickly, get to the heart of her clients. She inspires me into action every time we work together.
Andrea | Spokane, WA | Social Media Manager, age 31

Thanks to the time I’ve invested with Sunni I have an entirely new relationship to my soul and intuition. 
Chicago, IL | Corporate Trainer, age 38

After working with Sunni I once again have direction in my life and my business, I’m excited and on purpose (in both senses of the phrase) in my life thanks to the clarity I gained through our work together.
Nic | Oakland, CA | Blogger, age 28

Before working with Sunni I allowed my Monkey Mind to rule my world, scattering my time and efforts while feeling guilty for spreading myself too thin. After a couple of sessions together I’m proud to say that I’m under new management, the Monkey Mind no longer runs the show – most of the time. My business is running smoother and my personal life is less stressful.
Shelley | Austin, TX | CEO, age 44

Sunni holds space for others to discover themselves. Her style is gentle, I’ve always felt supported and inspired by her vulnerability and honesty. Through my work with her I created more peace and spaciousness in my life.
Okema | NYC | Hair Stylist

When Sunni arrived I was faced with a life decision and feeling a bit overwhelmed with my project. After our week together I have clarity and confidence in my life decision and I’m in action with a plan to grow my project.
Spokane, WA | Podcast Creator, age 37

Sunni is direct in the most nurturing of ways. She speaks her truth and creates a safe space for others to do the same. It takes an exceptional being to be forthright, supportive, tactful and entertaining—Sunni is definitely that person. Prepare for growth.
Laura | Winter Park, FL | Graphic Designer, age 25

There is the beautiful blend of structure and fluidity, analytical and heart in Sunni’s teaching. I’ve been around deep self development work my whole life, working with Sunni helped me to find a practical application for some of these tools as well as a deeper connection to my Soul.
Kelda | Orlando, FL | Yoga Teacher, age 24