When you reach a point of overwhelm, when life gets noisy and you’re not sure what to do, it’s natural to start seeking advice. Take care to only take advice from someone you’d want to trade places with them.  The challenge is that you can become so overwhelmed you don’t have the mental space to weed out who is and who isn’t qualified to give advice.

Spend 45 minutes with me, an Intuitive Strategist who has over 17 years of experience guiding people in designing strategies for success and 5+ years experience in the practical application of spiritual principles.

You can get lost in your own life.

I know, because I did.

In 2010 I realized that my life thus far was a series of reactions and obligations. Since then I’ve slowly built a muscle around defining my own path, designing my life. It’s pretty juicy, by the way –  my life.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to promise to teach you the steps to do this because I can’t. My journey was just that, mine. What I will say is that I believe you have your own unique path and I’d be honored to be your guide and mentor as you attempt to define it for yourself and help you find some clarity.

I know, right now this isn’t clear.

You’re likely thinking, great – but how?

Moving forward with clarity requires that you first take a step back, look at your life from a new lens, a fresh perspective. So that is where I start, with a step back and the offer of a fresh perspective through a Life Assessment.

The Life Assessment starts with you scheduling a 45 min call with me. Then you complete a 15 min online questionnaire, designed to help you step back and look at your life through a different lens. During our call together I will provide you with a new perspective and customized recommendations.

After you complete the Assessment you will :

  • Be inspired
  • Have renewed clarity
  • Be ready to get into action

All this for just $10

While I wish it weren’t so, there is no magic bullet. The steps that lead me to having the life of my dreams won’t work for you because you are an individual. You have a beautifully unique set of experiences, a specific combination of knowledge and skills. Not to mention, my dream life is going to be very different than yours.

To fully support you and guide you to clarity and defining your own path, designing your own dream life, that takes time.

I know we’re all seeking a quick fix. I can’t help you there, sadly. You’ll never see me offer a quick fix course or one-size-fits-all solution. I always recommend people start with the Life Assessment as it allows me to get to know you and have a conversation tailored to your needs and circumstances.

This opportunity is only ten bucks and while I may suggest that we work together, my commitment is that you will experience zero pressure to invest further with me, there will be no tricking you into buying something. I only work with folks when it’s a hell yes for us both.

Take your Life Assessment, spend the hour with me and see what sort of clarity you can gain for yourself and your life.