Sunni’s talks are clear, focused, and compassionate, and her audiences are left not only inspired, but in action toward realizing their goals. Whether working in private sessions or in a group environment, in a live event or on a podcast or show, around Sunni ideas manifest and dreams are fulfilled.

For groups who:

  • Want to live a life they love
  • Have lots of ideas, but struggle to execute them
  • Crave true connection—to others, to themselves, and to a higher power
  • Are navigating or emerging from a life transition and creating what’s next
  • Are ready to expand, evolve, and rediscover themselves and their power

Contact her if you’d like to discuss having her as a speaker at your event.


  • How to Create Time (you read that right)
  • Goal Setting & Achieving
  • Know your Limits – Boundaries 101
  • The Power of Intention
  • Developing Trust in Your Intuition
  • Rediscover Yourself
  • Strategic Nomading
  • Energy Play
  • Bartering for Life
  • The Key to Work/Life Balance
  • Preparing for the Love of your Life
  • Significance over Success

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Sunni is open to a collaboration, making sure the needs of your group are fulfilled.

Reach out if you’d like more information.

Detailed description, headshot, bio and gift available upon request.

Event Collaboration

You are ready to host an event, but you’re dragging your feet because it’s a lot. From the concept to the content to the logistics to delivering the intention to your attendees—can you really pull this off?

With Sunni as your collaborator, you won’t merely pull it off, your event will blow away your original vision.

Sunni brings her style of metaphysical project management as she supports event creators in just about every area:

  • Facilitate workshops/breakouts
  • Intentional Participant to provide strategic, targeted feedback
  • Co-Lead the event
  • Brainstorming/planning
  • On-site support

These offerings are customizable so you can have the level of partner that works for you. Schedule a virtual coffee date with Sunni to start fulfilling on your vision.