We all have life moments—empty nest; newly single; career transition—when suddenly everything is new. 

You’re overwhelmed, but also a little excited. You recognize the opportunity to reinvent your life the way you’ve always wanted to. You are ready. 
It’s the perfect time to ask for help

Clarity. Ease. Momentum.

You’ve had amazing visions for what your life’s journey could be. And then all the life stuff—the obligations and just the weight of it all—got in the way. What would be possible if the life stuff wasn’t restricting you from making those visions a reality?

Sounds like you’re ready to live a choice-driven life, now

As an Intuitive Strategist, Sunni visualizes results for your life, and partners with you in realizing them through thoughtful planning and gentle yet decisive action. Whether you’re looking at scaling your business, or how to manage homeschooling with writing your novel and with keeping your marriage/relationships/health thriving, Sunni is a mentor and guide for you to live the choice-driven life you know you deserve.

Work your manifestation muscles. 

Like many of Sunni’s clients, you may not be new to self-discovery. You’ve probably done the work, had your breakthroughs and ah-hahs. But you find yourself back in the middle of…all this. The information you worked hard for still doesn’t inform your day-to-day experience.

Through the practice of new day-to-day experiences, designed just for you (for instance, energy play assignments that Sunni sometimes just channels), that well-fought for information can transform into an experiential knowledge and manifestation. 

This collaboration isn’t about quick fixes; no life hacks or listicles. Your life is unique, your path is distinctly yours. You just need a loving reminder of what you already know and of the powerful being you already are, and then we roll up our sleeves and get to work on making your dreams come true—accent on making. We’ll take everything you already know and put it into a structure to apply it to your life. 

You’ll get a co-conspirator for your life, one who will provide strategy and guidance crafted to support you in your journey. Or sometimes just hold space while you cry it out. 

Are you ready for help?