Through the Journey to Craft your Intention you discovered some things about yourself and how you navigate life. You now know that…

… the way your life goes, how it feels to be you, your response to the things happening and people around you …

All of these things are driven by the choices you make moment to moment.

Choices, no matter how small, have an impact.


Learning how to distinguish those moments, noticing how you respond to them, and choosing what to do next – that’s the game.

When you’re not in the game you find yourself in survival mode, as a result you are constantly reacting to the world around you, making choices out of obligation.

To choose you, to choose alignment with your inner and higher Self, that takes something.

Living a Choice Driven Life requires effort, intentionality, support and is so much easier when you’re in a community. Surrounded by others who can reflect yourself back to you, who are in a similar space of striving to increase their awareness. People who will help you remember what you are capable of.

This program is offered on a sliding scale, click to learn more.

The program.

  • Community. This is the number one value. You will make new friends and develop deep connection with other humans on a similar journey to yours who are willing to share, learn and be accountable right alongside you. You will be growing in community with others. Because, let’s be real, you are your own teacher, Sunni is just the reminder.
  • Depth. Crafting Intention is a prerequisite to join this space so, so you can be confident that everyone in the Driving School Crew has a foundation for our discussions.
  • Guidance. Sunni is on the Journey with you, the only difference is she’s felt the calling to lead and mentor. She will gently guide you through new conversations and learning about new modalities and methods for increasing your awareness.
  • Content. Each month the content will touch on experiential learning, intellectual learning and development of emotional intelligence and spiritual alignment. The Crew votes on which themes they want to explore next.

The logistics.

This program is offered on a sliding scale. In exchange for your monthly investment you will gain access to:

  • Interactive Teach & Chats. We’ll use zoom, they will last about an hour and be recorded for those who can’t attend live. Sunni will share some new info on the topic at hand and facilitate discussion. These happen the first Monday of the month at 8pm ET.
  • Discussion Groups. An opportunity to come together as a community to share what you’re discovering, add in your own tips and resources and general support each other in remembering how to drive our lives. The 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm ET.
  • Application Opportunities. (not homework, so there’s no way to get ‘behind’ 😉) These are exercises you can choose to take on that are designed to support you in applying the topic into your daily life. They are each structured and range from woo-woo to analytical so you can choose your own adventure completing those you feel drawn to.
  • Guided/Prompted Journaling Exercises. Each month you will receive either a guided journaling exercise or journaling prompts to work with and incorporate into your own journaling process.
  • Online Student Portal, a hub for all of program materials in a format that is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Online Community currently curated through a private Facebook Group.

The investment.

As always with Sunni’s programs, the biggest investment you need to be prepared for comes in the form of your time. You should be prepared to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week in Driving School (this includes journaling, meditation etc). Keep in mind, this is all time invested in your Self. And, this is the part that will be the most challenging for most because we aren’t used to investing time in ourselves.

Sunni will be investing about 8 hours each month to creating the content for this program.

Your financial investment is left up to you. If you’re not familiar with our sliding scale philosophy, start here. When you’re ready, click below to choose your monthly investment. Once you sign up you will automatically be billed each month with the ability to cancel at any time.