You may recall the last memo to Team Sunni was a couple of years ago when Ms. Galbladder retired.

Well, this year my Intention involves Welcoming and Experiencing Feelings. Since I’m no fool, I know enough to be careful what I ask for. In that vein, I’ve taken some measures to prepare my Self (aka Team Sunni) for what is to come.

This is what happens when woo-woo meets analytical.

Photo Credit : Lobo in the film ‘Emotion Factory’

Team Sunni, Mind Division: Internal Memo
RE: Audit of Emotions
To: All systems and departments in Team Sunni

It has recently come to our attention that the Emotion Factory is sluggish, outdated, and needs to modernize. We are considering a new lounge as well as several other upgrades and new policies. To determine if this will be a sound investment, Management shall be conducting an audit over the next few months.

The Emotion Factory is a critical, yet often overlooked, a player in the success of Team Sunni. 

During this audit we expect to see leaks and even potential cross-contamination. Emotions may impact other areas of the Mind Division including Logical Function, Decision Making, and possibly even clog up the Motivation Center. This contamination from the Emotion Factory may even spread to the Body and Spirit Divisions. 

All teams should be aware of the following protocol if you encounter a rouge Emotion:

  • Approach the Emotion at your own risk. 
  • We know that, in the past, we’ve captured and bottled Emotions. Going forward please do not attempt to capture the Emotion, for a successful audit we need to allow them freedom to run their course.
  • If you encounter two emotions in the same space, notify management, check to see if they need anything, then – if at all possible – leave them alone.

We are aware that this audit may create some new challenges for all Divisions and Departments. To help mitigate this risk we are planning a Team wide retreat during which we’ll be bringing our consultant Reiki back in to support you. We’ve also proactively adjusted the diet, exercise routines, and schedule for the Team which should help minimize stress for the Mind Division and provide the Body Division with plenty of fuel. Spirit Division has been given extra time for Meditation and already been in communication with The Dude requesting support with this audit.

We are confident that it will provide much needed data for Management to make stellar improvements and that once the Emotion Factory is modernized it will benefit the entire Team.

Thank you in advance for your support as we proceed with this audit of the Emotion Factory.


Like I said, each year I craft an Intention for my life. This process has incredible power and I’ve learned over the years to be careful what I ask for. The first part of my Intention for 2019 is ‘Welcome and Experience Feelings’.

As a Type A, the analytical woman I have grown very adept at analyzing away my feelings. Especially the ‘negative’ ones, like anger. While I’ve done a lot of work over the past 5 years or so to really allow myself to experience my feelings, it has become apparent to me that it’s time to be far more intentional about this.

So, this year I’m conducting an audit of the Emotion Factory and putting some focus and attention on what it means to truly welcome in and then fully experience feelings.

This sounds super ambiguous and vague. How exactly does one explore what it means to feel? Well, with my background in corporate and how my brain works, this is how. I imagine that my Self is a corporation with three primary Divisions – Body, Mind, and Spirit. This allows me to really think through how to prepare for and address change. Like having an organ removed or asking God to help me feel all the Feelings.

Hang on to your hats folks, it’s about to get real up in here!