The planet provides a very clear roadmap for how we can live in harmony with the world around us.

The challenge is that we’ve become so busy, so steeped in problem solving mode, jumping from one fire to another, that we’ve lost touch with our access to it.

Our Seasonal Alignment Program will help you reconnect to the planet, to explore the seasons and the activities that are most supportive for each season of the year.

Every season has its own qualities, energy and vibe. There are specific activities, thought patterns, actions and explorations that are distinctly supported each season.

By exploring these you can bring this seasonal energy into your conscious awareness and then take actions to live in alignment to it.

Benefits of aligning your planning, lifestyle and inner thought life to the seasonal energy include:

  • Experience more synchronicities, support from the world around you.
  • Notice less resistance, instances of ‘poor timing’ and stress in your life
  • Clarity about what to invest your energy in
  • A closer relationship with yourself and nature
  • Access to spiritual practices that support a natural planning cycle
  • Positive relationship with the passage of time
  • The ability to be present in the moment

About your Guide – Sunni VonMutius

Seasonal Alignment is woven into the fabric of my life

My family and I have been honoring the changing of the seasons, exploring the blueprint they offer and aligning our planning and decision making to the seasonal energy for years now.

The deeper we go into this practice the more we experience being in flow with the universe.

I genuinely love human beings and strive to help us elevate our collective consciousness and awareness. It’s only natural that I would want to share these valuable seasonal practices with you.

It has my great joy and honor to pour so much into the creation of this Seasonal Alignment Program – it is a fantastic foundation for your exploration. I’ve been very intentional about making the materials digestible, actionable and affordable.

We can meet you wherever you are at.

We understand and acknowledge that every human is unique and we all have varying levels of time and resources to invest in self exploration. We have four different ways you can engage with this resource.

Get started today with our {free} Seasonal Living Guide.

The Seasonal Living Guide is about an hour’s worth of content, broken into short, digestible easy to watch videos. In it you will learn about the energy of each season, context about how our ancient ancestors related to the seasons, the impact the seasons and solar cycles have on our lives and even holidays today and much more.

Go deeper into a specific season with our Seasonal Alignment Kits

For each season we have created a Seasonal Alignment Kit which has been very intentionally curated.

Each kit will provide a deep exploration of the energy of the season, how our ancient ancestors related to it and what we can learn from them, as well as habits to focus on throughout the season.

Additionally, for each of the three months within the season you’ll receive a mini-workshop and exercises to help you experience it in your life.

All leading up to rituals and guided meditation to welcome in the next season.

Each Seasonal Kit includes the Seasonal Living Guide as the foundational starting point.

Click the image of the season above if you’d like to get started with the season at hand.

If you know you want to take this on as a year round exploration and practice, read on.

Save by getting all 4 Seasonal Alignment Kits now

If you’re already clear that you want to spend the year exploring the energy, support and blueprint that each season offers you can save by purchasing all 4 at once.

While it’s recommended that you go through each kit as the seasons arrive, you will immediately have access to all 4 Seasonal Alignment Kits as well as the Seasonal Living Guide to explore as you wish.

Sign up for 1:1 Year Round Support

This final option includes everything discussed above with the addition of 1:1 support from your guide, Sunni. You will get access to her online calendar where you can schedule four 50 minute sessions with her. They’re intended to use one each season, but the scheduling is up to your discretion.

This option is great for people who know they benefit from accountability and want personalized support, suggestions, guidance and attention throughout their explorations.

Note, if you’ve already purchased one or more of the Seasonal Alignment Kits and are looking for the option to add on 1:1 sessions, you can find that here.