For someone who is a Type A personality, faith, trust, and intuition can be really challenging concepts to wrap your mind around.

I am an Intuitive Strategist. My specialty is seeing the big picture, taking it all into account and identifying a path to get a result. All very left-brained, ego-based logical activities. I believe effective strategy also requires the use of intuition which is a right-brained, soul-based activity.

Being in touch with your intuition requires being in touch with your higher Self and knowing how to listen.

We go through phases and cycles where our intuitive abilities are tested, increased and fine-tuned. These phases of growth can be exhausting and confusing, especially if you’re a Type A personality, used to planning, figuring it out, doing it right, perhaps a perfectionist or a bit of a control freak.

Acknowledging that you’re in it is the first step to seeing a path through it.

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Here are 5 indicators for Type A people that you’re in a growth cycle for your intuition.

  1. Feeling lost. We are conditioned to plan our lives, where are you going to college, when will you buy a house, etc etc. Being in touch with your intuition requires that you be present in this moment, here and now. As you focus less on planning and working things out and more on the present moment you will likely find yourself feeling lost. You’re not lost, by the way, you’re just shifting your perspective and priorities. However, feeling lost is to be expected when you begin to give up the reigns of control and trust your intuition.
  2. Feeling dumber. The more you connect to your intuition the more you’re engaging the right brain, your creative center. This means that you’ve less energy allocated for left-brained, logical functions. If you’re typically a logical thinker this can feel as if you’re getting dumber when in reality you’re developing a whole new type of intelligence in your intuition.
  3. Feeling lonely. As you tune into your Self it’s natural to want to tune others out. This could mean that you adjust your social circles or habits shying away from negative people and influences. It could also mean that you find yourself wanting to spend more time alone. On some level, you realize that you’re making these choices, but it can still leave you feeling very lonely since you don’t have the social stimulus around you that you’re used to. The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them, it makes sense that you need to spend time with yourself and/or a select group of people in order to get to know yourself and your intuition better. It can also feel lonely because intuition, spirituality, these aren’t things that most people talk about regularly. Finding a mentor, community or even friend who you can verbally process your growth with may help.
  4. Feeling uncertain. Being in the present means that you’re not thinking about the future. For someone used to having goals, planning and (maybe) controlling most areas of life, being in the present can, at first, create an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. The reality is, life is uncertain and the more you can embrace the moment the more in touch you can be with your intuition. It does take a period of being uncomfortable to embrace this. Most of the juicy moments in life happen at the edge of your comfort zone.
  5. Feeling arrogant. As you step into the present moment and trust your intuition you will also start to realize that you are responsible for designing the world around you, your success and happiness. You realize that your thoughts and words make a profound difference in your experience of life. This is a powerful realization, and as you start to orchestrate your own life others around you who haven’t yet reached this level of awareness or connection to their own intuition will notice this shift in power around you. It is easy to mistake this new found power for arrogance. It is not arrogant, however, to believe and live as though you control your own world.

Notice that these are all feelings, which are not real, they’re one perception. You are not actually arrogant, alone, dumb or lost – it simply feels like you are.

If reading this and you can relate, you’re realizing that you’re in it. Here is some advice from one Type A to another on finding a path through it – you might not like it….

Let Go.

I know, I might as well tell an elephant to hide in a field of grass. But it really is that simple.

It is far easier to set a clear vision, make effective goals and generally design your world when you are in touch with your intuition. When you are crystal clear on when it’s intuition vs fear or ego you can quickly and easily make decisions and follow through.

If you’re not in a phase of increasing your intuition and you wish you were – ask for it.

Just be careful what you ask for…

I believe that you already have everything you need, you are already fully capable. Yet, sometimes it’s useful to have a mentor, someone to guide and offer outside perspective as you move through this cycle of growth and evolution. I love doing this for others and would be honored to discuss if it’s a fit for us to play together.


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